WHEN: Three Saturday classes from 9am-1pm (May 26th, June 2nd, June 9th) Please plan to attend all classes but only pay for 1 day through eventbrite!

WHAT: The goal of this course is to provide you with an introduction to DIY-Bio, including its history, issues and significant accomplishments. We will also compare the DIY-bio movement with the growing community science and citizen science movements. We are also going to get you into the lab to teach you how to safely work with living microorganisms, as well as some of the fundamental techniques used for genetic modification of living cells. Our hope is that this new-found information will bring out the budding scientists in you and hopefully start you off on your own community science or Diy-bio project.

Saturday May 26th 9am-1pm- Introduction to DIY-bio and community science labs. Introduction to genetic information and databases, Working safely with living cells. Creating genetically modified cells. Hands-on lab work: Tools for genetic modification from pipettes to enzymes.

Saturday June 2nd 9am-1pm- Introduction to ongoing citizen science projects and community projects. Overview of open source software resources for building with biology. Skype conversation with BioCurious (a community lab in Sunnyvale, CA) Background on gene expression, proteins, and reporters. Hands-on lab work: Analysis of output signals (reporters) that can be engineered into cells.

Saturday June 9th 9am-1pm Discussion of potential community science or DIY projects. Troubleshoot class ideas or lead with example to investigate and design gene expression cassette. Background – bacteria vs yeast model organisms and overview of other BSL-1 models. Hands-on lab work: gram staining, and methylene blue stain and microscopy

Additional support will be given with online materials that include videos and links to expand on knowledge and understanding.

If interested, we can assign digital badges through Credly. Badges that will be awarded to class participants that demonstrate understanding and basic skills. PLEASE let Sarah Laun know you would like to receive digital badges before the class!

WHO: Class will be appropriate for ages 13+ , kids and adults alike will enjoy this event!

WHERE: Baltimore UnderGround Science Space (BUGSS) 101 N. Haven St suite 105 (King Cork and Seal Building)

COST: Please be prepared to attend the entire time. Costs (not including online processing fees) are $195 for non-members. Full BUGSS members get 60% off and community members 40% off of this registration fee.







WHEN: Saturday May 19th from 9am-1pm

WHAT: It’s glow time! Let’s learn about bioluminescence by working with a glowing bacteria. These brilliant “bugs” glow in response to oxygen or movement to create a mesmerizing glow effect. In this hands-on workshop we will get a chance to build and create gadgets (e.g. a tube that pushes oxygen through the bacterial culture with a push of a button) to show off this incredible property!

WHO: Class will be appropriate for ages 10+ , kids and adults alike will enjoy this event!

WHERE: Baltimore UnderGround Science Space (BUGSS) 101 N. Haven St suite 105 (King Cork and Seal Building)

COST: For non-members is $75, 40-60% Discounts for our awesome BUGSS members! Not a BUGSS member yet? Join our community of citizen scientists, thinkers, and tinkerers and get mega awesome benefits (also gain infinite cool points!) inquire with or learn more here:

REGISTRATION CLOSES 1 WEEK BEFORE CLASS! (Saturday May 12th) Please sign up by then!