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WHEN: Friday July 13th from 7pm-9pm

WHAT: Have you tried one of those personal genomics kits yet? Have you been thinking of trying one? Join us for an evening of Sips and SNPS! We have invited scientists that study genomics and want to share their knowledge of this technology. We will discuss SNPS, how these technologies work, what are their limitations, and more! We will have a group discussion while we enjoy some sips of your drink of choice. Feel free to bring your own questions or bring your own data (BYOD) if you’d like to ask specific questions and are willing to share with the group.

We will have some light snacks, and wine and beers. Please if you have a very specialized taste buds for alcohol please feel free to BYOB.

WHO: Well, because of the “sips” part we are asking for 21+ !



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BUGSS LAB IS OPEN FOR ALL TO CHECK OUT Saturday July 7th from 1pm to 4pm! Stop by and get a tour! Talk to the lab and program manager, members, and volunteers. Discover what our community science lab has to offer! Talk to our high school iGEM team about their research! Try out some hands-on activities to show you that science can be for EVERYONE!

Meet our iGEM students -our team of remarkable high school students that are researching this summer of how to help Baltimore with biotechnology!

Heard about agar art? Let us show you how to paint a growing, living masterpiece of art!

BUGSS is a lab FOR the COMMUNITY! Thank you for your interest and please pass along the word! Let’s make Baltimore a community of science, together!




Thursday May 24th 7pm-9pm  Science Slam with Project Bridge 

Baltimore! It’s Science Slam time!

When else can you enjoy a beer while learning remarkable science that is going on in Charm City? Come join us for an evening of 5 min science talks from local scientists and support their efforts to communicate their work! Science not silence!

We are so happy to be able to have this at De Kleine Duivel and we thank them so much for their support!

Project Bridge and BUGSS will host 6 or so local scientists (gradstudents, postdocs, citizen scientists, etc) to present their work/passion in 5 minutes. We give prizes to the talks that are most creative and best communicated! This is a great way to connect with others, learn diverse topics of science going on right here in Charm City, gain communication skills and experience, enhance chances of collaboration and emerging projects and ideas!
Join us and bring your friends for a fun night don’t miss out on this exciting science filled evening at BUGSS!

Please contact if you’d like a chance to present or know someone who might. This is an incredible opportunity to SHARE YOUR SCIENCE and gain some experience talking to a diverse and general audience. This is not only a challenging and fun experience, this can help you gain big-picture perspective of your work.



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Friday May 18th 6:30pm-9pm  Share your science! Open Mic Night at BUGSS! 

Who should you attend?

Those that want to practice sharing their science! Those that want to listen and learn! Students, post-docs, PI’s, researchers, engineers, scientists, artists, designers…EVERYONE! ANYONE!

Why should you attend?

Practice to communicate your research or area of interest! This could be a talk you’ve been working on for awhile or one that you just whipped up for this occasion! PERFECT FOR THOSE PARTICPATING IN SCIENCE SLAM!! (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Why should you attend as an audience member? Learn about the community of discovery and innovation RIGHT HERE IN BALTIMORE!!

Sign up here to be a speaker or just listen!



Friday May 11th 7pm!  FREE SEMINAR The gut microbiome in colorectal cancer: Friend or foe?

We welcome local scientist Jawara Allen from Dr. Cindy Sears lab at John’s Hopkins University!

Sporadic colorectal cancer (CRC) is a public health threat in the United States with approximately 135,000 incident cases in 2017 alone and a ranking as the second leaing cause of cancer death for both men and women. Multiple factors have been linked to CRC development including diet, smoking, obesity, diabetes, chronic colitis, and most recently, the gut microbiome, a collection of organisms that has evolved alongside humans for thousands of years. The Sears lab works to understand how both complex microbial communities [i.e. bacterial biofilms] and individual bacteria [i.e. pks+ E. Coli and enterotoxigenic B. fragilis] contribute to various aspects of colon cancer, including cancer prevention/prediction, causality, and response to cancer therapy.


Saturday May 5th 10 am- 12pm

Do you find yourself wanting to see a more science educated and supportive society? Come volunteer at our  Baltimore community science lab! From teaching,  outreach, communication, to website, social media, marketing, to administration, and management we need help from our community to keep growing our community of science! Sign up here:




Free community seminar! “Becoming a sook: it is all in her eyes”
Fri, April 6, 2018 from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT

Please join us for another one of our free community seminars featuring a Baltimore scientist! Baltimore is known for or adored “State Crustacean” – the blue crab. We all are aware that the blue crab population is greatly impacted on the conditions of our environment. Come learn what a Baltimore IMET scientist has learned studying this gorgeous (and delicious to some) crustacean!

Becoming a sook: it is all in her eyes.

Eyestalk ganglia of decapod crustaceans produce a suite of hormones that regulate most important physiological processes including molting, energy metabolism, and reproduction. Crustacean female sex hormone is most recently discovered in the blue crab. It is required for developing the specific morphological features associated with adult females.

Dr. J. Sook Chung is an Associate Professor for the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology. Her research focuses on the response of crustaceans to the neurotransmitters, neurohormones, hormones, and pheromones that regulate critical events in the life cycle of these organisms. These events include development, maturation and growth via molting, mating and the process of de- and re-calcification, reproduction, and the hormonal regulation of stress responses caused by internal and external changes in their environment. In particular, she studies the mechanism of ecdysis (adult ecdysis, adult Carcinus molting video clip, hatching). This is a fascinating and critical step in life cycle since there is no somatic growth or, in some cases, mating without shedding the old shell. Using the tools of biochemistry, physiology and molecular biology, her aim is to isolate and identify/characterize the structures and functions of these chemical mediators. Moreover, she attempts to understand how these events occur at the cellular, tissue, and organism level in order to enhance the stock of the blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) and also regulate the growing number of foreign species such as the Atlantic green shore crab (Carcinus maenas).

Agar Art Workshop 3 at BUGSS
Sat, April 7, 2018 from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

BUGSS is extremely excited to be able to partner with American Society of Microbiology (ASM) to host Agar Art workshops in 2018! What is Agar Art you ask? It is a perfect marriage of biology and art that everyone and anyone can get into. Come to the BUGSS lab to learn about some special microbes that produce and array of beautiful and striking colors. You will be able to use the tools and guidance provided by BUGSS to create your very own living work of art on agar plates! You may have seen the incredible works of art on petri dishes being shared all over social media? If not just Google image search “Agar Art” and be inspired.

Perhaps your art work has what it takes to enter the national ASM contest and win!? Yes, of course it does! There are two contests this year you can enter: AGAR ART MAKER – for 13 years and up, and AGAR ART KIDS 12 years and under.

For full contest details (including Terms and Conditions you will need to read over before you submit your work) examples of previous winners. LINK:

Please arrive between 2-5pm and expect to spend around 45 mins or longer learning the techniques. Like any art project, you might want some practice first! We will have a drawling station to prep your ideas first, as well as a practice station to test your “painting” technique out before the real thing.

SIGN UP now to save your spot for this workshop! We have more workshops but we expect these to fill up quickly! Under 18 and want to give this a try? No problem but please have a parent or guardian with you and convince them to join in on the fun. This is for all ages and creativity!